Areas of Practice

Categories of Whisteblower/Qui Tam Law We Practice

Represented Whistle blower in Home Health Care case and obtained a Judgment of $339.4 Million in 2019 in the Northern District of Texas.

Represented whistle blowers who filed cases against a Medicaid Administrator in connection with a case that settled for $235.9 Million in 2019.

Represented the Whistleblower receiving the majority of the award in a $4.5 Million Settlement in the State of Texas in a dental Medicaid Fraud case under the Texas Medicaid Fraud and Prevention Act.

Represented the Whistleblowers in connection with a $1.125 Million partial settlement in Medicare and Medicaid Fraud transportation case involving Yellow Cab

Represented 2 of 3 whistleblowers in a dental Medicaid fraud case resulting in a settlement of $8.45 Million