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We Have Been Successfully Representing Thousands of Texans in Whistleblower, Business, and Personal Injury Litigation for Over 35 years with Excellent Results. Our firm has Obtained more than $700 Million in Judgments, Verdicts and Settlements... and Counting!

Our Areas of Practice

We represent whistleblowers who come forward and report medicare, medicaid, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other types of fraud. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge in representing plaintiffs in a variety of business and personal injury litigations on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you will not owe our firm any legal fees or expenses unless we obtain a recovery on your behalf. With our practice in the field, we take pride in delivering tell apart service and attention to detail.

Our firm has extensive experience representing whistleblowers in successfully pursuing cases under the federal False Claims Act, the Texas Medicaid Fraud and Prevention Act involving Medicare and Medicaid healthcare fraud, and many other types of fraud.

Our firm has successfully represented victims of multiple types of personal injuries, wrongful death cases, injuries to victims of a gas well blowout, victims of excessive force, and a substantial settlement for the survivors of a man killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.

Our firm has represented victims of medical malpractice obtaining substantial settlements, including an approximate $20 Million settlement in a case involving infants in the NICU at a local hospital, and a $50 Million verdict in a nursing home negligence case.

Our firm has considerable experience in successfully pursuing cases involving Securities fraud on behalf of shareholders and investors. We have also obtained substantial recoveries for clients who were victims of bad faith insurance practices and for violations the Texas DTPA.

Represented Whistle blower in Home Health Care case and obtained a Judgment of $339.4 Million in 2019 in the Northern District of Texas.

Represented whistle blowers who filed cases against a Medicaid Administrator in connection with a case that settled for $235.9 Million in 2019.

Represented victim of Nursing Home neglect resulting in a jury trial in which the jury awarded over $50 Million in compensatory and punitive damages

Represented 8 infants exposed to a bacterial infection in the neonatal intensive care unit in a local area hospital resulting in an approximate $20 Million Settlement by the hospital and doctors involved.

Represented factory owner whose plant burned to the ground in an insurance bad faith case where Client was paid all $6 Million in business interruption insurance plus approximately $5.4 Million in bad faith damages.

Represented the owner of a large dairy and obtained an  $8.2 Million Verdict in Jack County in a DTPA case involving misrepresentations by a bank in connection with the sale of the dairy

Represented 36 elderly investors in a securities fraud action against an Oil Company and obtained a $13.4 Million Judgment against the Company in South Texas.

Dallas Fort Worth Area Whistleblower, Business, and Personal Injury Litigation Attorney

The Law Office of James R Tucker PC is a leading law firm in Dallas, Texas. We assist our whistleblower clients through medicare, medicaid, and healthcare fraud issues in the Dallas Fort Worth area, among many other areas of our Whistleblower Litigation practice. We have been practicing attorneys and representing plaintiffs in varying types of business and personal injury litigation for over 35 years.

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