Whistleblower Awards

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Are you aware of fraud or other illegal activity in your place of work or somewhere similar? You may be entitled to financial compensation if you hire a whistleblower attorney and file a lawsuit pursuant to applicable whistleblower statutes. This is called becoming a whistleblower, and whistleblower law states that if you report the illegal actions in the right way, the government is required to reward you money according to how much money is recovered because of your tip.

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Fraud and dishonest business transactions can happen in almost any industry. As you can see below, professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, the home health care industry, the dental industry, and almost every medical industry have been caught before.

However, just telling your superior or government authorities won’t be good enough. You need to hire an attorney who is familiar with whistleblower law so that you get the federally mandated protection and compensation for your actions. You need to hire a whistleblower lawyer to make sure that you take the right steps during this process so that you can obtain a percentage of the recovery by the government resulting from the fraud you reported.

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Significant Whistleblower Recoveries by Category of Fraud

Represented Whistle blower in Home Health Care case and obtained a Judgment of $339.4 Million in 2019 in the Northern District of Texas.

Represented the Whistleblower receiving the majority of the award in a $4.5 Million Settlement in the State of Texas in a dental Medicaid Fraud case under the Texas Medicaid Fraud and Prevention Act.

Represented whistle blowers who filed cases against a Medicaid Administrator in connection with a case that settled for $235.9 Million in 2019.

Represented 2 of 3 whistleblowers in a dental Medicaid fraud case resulting in a settlement of $8.45 Million.

Represented the Whistleblowers in connection with a $1.125 Million partial settlement in Medicare and Medicaid Fraud transportation case involving Yellow Cab